Deposit Rates


We feel privileged to provide you this information on our high rate of interest to our customers and our sincere and heartfelt thanks for your continued patronage from the inception of the Bank.

We are pleased to inform that the Bank has completed its 20 year of operations and is now ranked as one of the "Leading and fast growing" urban Bank in the country.

We are approaching you with a request to invest your surplus funds with us for any period that suits your convenience.

We once again request you to avail any of our services and also introduce your friends and relatives to the BANK.

Interest Rate on Deposits:

15 days to 29 days

5.00 % p.a.

30 days to 91 days

5.50 % p.a.

92 days to 181 days

6.00 % p.a.

182 days to less than 1 year

7.00 % p.a.

1 Year to less than 3 years

8.00 % p.a.

3 Year to less than 5 years

8.50 % p.a.

5 Years and above

8.00 % p.a.

Senior Citizens

0.5 % extra(for deposits of 1 year and above)

Deposits above 15 Lacs will be quoted separately at a higher rate of Interest.

*Income Tax on Interest Income: Members are advised to comply with Income Tax Laws and other applicable Laws in force keeping in view their interest income and their total Income.

Schedule Of Service Charges

   1.                                  Relating to Deposit Accounts

1.1   Cheque book facility: -

Free Cheque Books are issued

                a) Upto 30 leaves free for Savings accounts in a calendar year

                    Upto 30 leaves free for Current accounts in a calendar year.

                    Upto 30 leaves free for OD & SOD accounts in a calendar year

               b)Rs. 5.00 per leaf over Free cheques for all A/cs

               c) Rs.5/- per leaf if the customer is requesting cheque leaves (for the purpose of issuing Post

                   dated cheques) when unused cheques are in the A/c.

              d) Issue of Loose leaf charge Rs.10/-

1.2    Stop payment Request                           : Rs. 125/- for Savings Accounts per Instrument Subject to

                                                                     maximum of Rs.375/- for one single request letter.

                                                                          : Rs. 185/- for Current Accounts per Instrument Subject to

                                                                     maximum of Rs.600/- for one single request letter.

1.3    Account closure  :-

                 a) Saving a/c closure within 6 months    : Rs. 250/-

                                                    within 1 year        : Rs. 150/-

                 b) Current a/c closure within 6 months  : Rs. 300/-

                                                     With in 1 year     : Rs. 200/-

1.4   Minimum balance charges :-     


Min. Bal.  required



Savings a/c / SB Societies/ SBC / SBZ


Rs.50/- p.m.

if balance falls below Rs. 1000/-

Savings-student a/c

Rs. 300/-

Rs.30/- p.m.

if balance falls below Rs. 300/-

Savings-Pension a/c


Rs.30/- p.m.

if balance falls below Rs.250/-

Current a/c / COS / CTA


Rs.150/- p.m.

if balance falls below Rs. 3000/-

1.5   PAN Card Services:

Coupon                                           Rs.100.00

Form Processing charges              Rs.100.00      

         1.7. Local Cheque purchase: -

           Monday to Friday     

                  Cheques – Interest @ 22% for 4 days, min. Rs. 100/-

                  Drafts     – Interest @ 20% for 4 days, min. Rs. 100/-

          Working Saturday

           & Sunday

                  Cheques – Interest @ 22% for 6 days, min. Rs.100/-

                  Drafts     – Interest @ 20% for 6 days, min. Rs.100/-

                                                                         If next day of the purchase of chequet happens to be a  

                                                                                Holiday for clearing (including Sunday) the interest shall                                                                          

                                                                                be for 6 days.

                                                                          If instrument purchased is returned unpaid, in                                                                                                                                        

                                                                                addition to normal return charges of Rs.65/- or 125/-,

                                                                                the following additional charges shall be levied: -

                                                                                50% of the discount charges shall again be debited to 


         1.8   Outstation Bill / Cheque purchase: -

                                                                                Non MICR Cheques or outstation Cheques shall not be   


   1.9   ATM related charges:-

1.        ATM / Debit Card Issue                                                    : Rs. 150/-

2.        Reissue against loss of card                                             : Rs. 150/-

3.       Annual charges                                                                   : Rs. 150/- per annum

4.        Issue of PIN mailer second time onwards                     : Rs. 50/-

5.       Use of ATM card at our ATM any number of Times     : Free

6.        Use of ATM card at other Bank ATM                              : As per RBI / NPCI Rules     

        ATM Transactions Charges: -

·         Rs.20/- per Financial Transaction and Rs.10/- for Non-Financial Transaction at other Bank ATMs after allowing free transactions as per RBI / NPCI Guidelines.

·         Transaction fees at Adarsh Bank ATM               --   Free.

         ATM Debit Limits:

         1.Cash Withdrawal                                                        : Rs 40,000/-Per day

         2.POS  & E-com Transaction                                        : Rs.1,00,000/-Per day which includes the cash

                                                                                                  withdrawal limit of Rs. 40,000/- per day.

2.                                    Remittance facilities

2.1   Demand Draft issue (At par cheques issued on Corporation Bank, SBI & Axis Bank)

                 Up to Rs.50000                              :  Rs. 50/-

                 Rs.50001/- & above                       :  Rs. 1.00 per thousand

                                                  Cancellation  :  Rs. 100/-

                                                  Revalidation  :  Rs. 100/-

                                        Duplicate issuance :   Rs. 150/- + Stop payment charges of other Bank.

2.2    Bankers cheques – issue        :

        Up to Rs.3,00,000/-                               :  Rs.30/-

        Rs. 3,00,001/- to Up to Rs.6,00,000     :  Rs.60/-

        Rs. 6,00,001/- to Up to Rs.10,00,000   :  Rs.120/-

                                                      Cancellation   : Rs. 65/-

                                                       Revalidation  : Rs. 65/-

                                             Duplicate issuance  : Rs. 125/-



               Upto Rs.1,00,000/-                                  : Rs.100/-+other bank charges, if returned Rs.200/-      

              Above Rs.1,00,000/-                               : Rs.200/-+other bank charges, if returned Rs.300/-


               Upto Rs.1,00,000/-                                : Rs.50/-+ Rs.50/- towards postage, if returned Rs.200/-       

              Above Rs.1,00,000/-                             : Rs.150/-/-+ Rs.50/- towards postage, if returned Rs.300/-


·         Saving accounts                                :  Rs. 100/- per instrument

·         Current, OD & SOD accounts          :  Rs. 150/- Per instrument


·         Minimum of Rs. 175/- for Savings accounts and Rs. 250/- for Current and Advances accounts


·         Two days’ interest @22% p.a. subjected to the above minimum


Type of Transaction



A.      Inward RTGS/NEFT/ECS

(Credit) for credit to our Bank customer



B.      Outward Transaction (RTGS)

Transaction upto Rs.5,00,000/-

Transaction above Rs.5,00,000/-




C.      Outward Transactions (NEFT)

Amounts upto Rs.1,00,000/-

Amounts above Rs.1,00,000/-

D.      IMPS (Branch Debit)

Upto Rs.25,000/-        

Rs.25,001/- to Rs.1,00,000/-  

Rs.1,00,001/- to Rs.2,00,000/-           

     E. Mobile Banking charges                                                                                                                                                                                         








4.                           LOANS & ADVANCES

4.1 Gold loan Processing charge                                  :   0.5 %  of the Loan amount(Subject to a

                                                                                Minimum of Rs.100/-  and Maximum of                               


4.2  Loans & advances charges                                     

                   a) Processing charge                                         

·         General                                              :  1% of the loan amount.

·         Borrowers with

                                     Good Repayment Track Record       :   0.50% of the loan amount

·         Housing Loans with

                                      Rate of Interest 12% or 12.50%p.a  :  0.50%  of the loan amount

·         Staff Loans                                         :  0.25%  of the loan amount 

                   b) Legal charges                

·         Wherever the title scrutiny                   :  0.25% of the Loan amount subject to a   

Is done internally in small loans.             Maximum of Rs.2,500/-  

·         Wherever legal opinion is                    :  0.25% of the loan amount subject to a

Obtained from the Legal                    minimum of Rs.3,000/- and maximum of

                                    Advisor.                                             Rs.7500/-

                    c) Valuation Charges – Valuation charges as levied by the Valuer will be collected

                        from the Customer and will be paid directly to the Valuer as per the Schedule. 

                        Schedule of Fee payable to the Valuer is as under:

i)                    Residential / Industrial Land and buildings at 0.125% upto Rs.50,00,000/- minimum of Rs.2,000/- and maximum of Rs.3,000/- including conveyance charges.

ii)                   Residential / Industrial Lands and buildings at 0.125% above Rs.50.00  Lakhs  and above Rs.100.00 Lakhs minimum of Rs.3,000/- and maximum of Rs.5,000/- including conveyance charges.

iii)                 Residential / Industrial Lands and Buildings at 0.125% above Rs.100.00 Lakhs minimum of Rs.5,000/- and maximum of Rs.7,000/- including conveyance charges.

iv)                 Residential Apartments at 0.125% upto Rs.100.00- Lakhs minimum of Rs.2,500/- and maximum of Rs.3,500/- and above Rs.100.00 Lakhs maximum of Rs.5,000/-

v)                   Industrial Lands and Buildings and Machinery at 0.125% minimum of Rs.3,000/- and maximum of Rs.7,000/- for traditional activities.

                    d)  Renewal Charges of SOD                      

·         General                                            :  0.5% P.a.

·         Borrowers with Good Track           :  0.25% P.a.

While renewing SODs, the interest income generated by the Account Holder shall be reckoned and a minimum of 25% of the limits sanctioned should have been utilized on an average otherwise the commitment charge of 1% of Limit amount in addition to the renewal charge is to be levied.

                      e) Credit Information Report – Credit Information Reports down loading charges will  

                           be borne by the Bank and will not be collected from the Parties.  The charges levied

                           by the Agencies for Commercial Ace plus Report is Rs.550/- and Base plus report

                           plus score is Rs.32/- and Base Consumer Report is Rs.24/-

                       f) Search and Charge Creation Charges with CERSAI  -- Search and Charge Creation

                           Charges with CERSAI will be as under:

i)                    Loan / Limit amount upto Rs.5.00 Lakhs            ..        Rs.300/- per property.

ii)                   Loan / Limit amount beyond Rs.5.00 Lakhs       ..        Rs.1,000/- per property.

     4.3 Bank guarantee charges          : 

                           a.Guarantee issued by Adarsh Bank          : 1% of the guaranteed amount with a

                                                                                            minimum of Rs.1,000/-                                                                       

                              b.Gurantee.issued through other Bank      : 1.5 %  of the guaranteed amount with a                 

                                                                                                     minimum of Rs. 1000/-(Subject to other

                                                                                                     Bank Charges.)  

     4.4 Issue of Xerox copy of  Documents from

                                                              Loan Files                  :     Rs.125/- +Xerox charges at Rs.3/- per page       

                                                                                                         (both side Xerox)       

5.                                        MISCELLANEOUS

      5.1  Rent on Lockers for all Branches:


Locker type




          Rs. 1250/- p.a. 



Rs. 2500/- p.a.



Rs. 3500/- p.a.

Extra Large


Rs. 6000/- p.a.

Super Large                 


    Rs.12,000/- p.a.

      5.2   Issue of  Statement :-

                    Account Statement it is issued                                        : Rs.125/-

                    for second time for full year

5.3    Issue of duplicate pass book                                                 : Rs. 100/-

5.4 Signature / Photo verification certificate / Miscellaneous   :Rs. 100/-

5.5 Enquiry / Record copy of paid cheque / pay in slip            : Rs. 125/- + Charges levied by

                                                                                                            M/s Iron Mountain service charges paid


                     a)Balance enquiry

                     b)SMS Alerts

                     c)Monthly Statements

                     d)Collection of local Cheques

                     e)Standing Instruction

                     f)No Dues Certificates

                     g) Balance confirmation certificate

               h)Account status certificate  

               j) use of ATM / Debit  card at Adarsh Bank ATMs

               k) Funds Transfer through Mobile Banking.