Debit Card Locking Feature

Protection of Debit card from fraudulent transactions is of prime focus these days to keep your hard-earned money safe. Despite Bank keeps you informed about every transaction through SMS alerts, it does not end the possibility of your card from its misuse in case you lost your card. Blocking or deactivating your card is one of the first steps you must take when you know your debit card is misused. But, it may take some time to do it as you will have to call our customer care and request to block your card and several transactions may happen within that time.

To resolve this issue, we are introduced a new feature ATM Transaction ON/Off in our Toll-Free Banking service. You can use this option from our Toll-Free Banking App directly to block or unblock your card. This feature will enable you to lock transactions from your Debit card by any mode unless you make it enabled. This will ensure you the transactions to happen with your Debit Card only when you want to use it. Even when the Toll-Free App is not installed you can directly give a miss call from your registered Mobile number to our

Toll-Free Number: 09512020355.